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-for toolshaped octree-garden visit http://www.selectparks.net/ +====various==== 
 +  * for toolshaped octree-garden visit http://www.selectparks.net/  
 +  * perhaps follow discussion at http://www.flipcode.com and/or http://www.cfxweb.net 
 +  * heart and guts -> [[Game Engines]] 
 +  * corrupted minds -> [[Game Corruptions]] 
 +  * some history http://gamespot.com/gamespot/features/video/hov/  
 +  * scholarly angles http://ludocraft.oulu.fi/ 
 +  * handheldgames and especially Tomy 3-D http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Tomy/3D.htm 
 +  * web apps/games -> [[in browser game dev]] 
 +  * [[game prototyping]] 
 +  * [[social games]] 
 +  * [[playful seriousness]]
-perhaps follow discussion at http://www.flipcode.com and/or http://www.cfxweb.net+====other ==== 
 +"PMOG stands for Passively Multiplayer Online Game. Players play without playing; clicking around the internet turns into experience points and currency. A battle between Order and Chaos rages online, between people tagging and people spamming; this game gives people the weapons they need to wage that war in real-time in their browsers." -> http://www.gamelayers.com/pmog/
-heart and guts -> [[Game Engines]]+[[play and games]]
-corupted minds -> [[Game Corruptions]] 
-some history http://gamespot.com/gamespot/features/video/hov/  
-scholarly angles http://ludocraft.oulu.fi/ 
-handheldgames and especially Tomy 3-D http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Tomy/3D.htm 
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