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-==== delta specific ==== 
-=== questions === 
-  * should there be a name_of_activity:potential_projects ? 
-  * there should be some tag to differentiate between internal events (workshops) and other events. where internal events are not displayed in upcoming events (eg, residencies). 
-  * overview images: should all of the images take you to a gallery, where images are viewed with lightbox? 
-    * eg, images shouldn't turn up in the list of "related" things under the overview text. 
-  * what type will "normal" nodes be? will they all include related images etc? 
-    * maybe most things should be overview nodes? 
-      * but don't show striking/overview images if they are not available.  
-        * how to link to non-overview images in that case? 
-  * where have all of the links for authenticated users come from? it looks like some module breaks something. 
-  * a special node type for section pages or do them manually? 
-    * the query is mentioned in the first factoid below. 
-=== factoids === 
-  * "Productions" page will list all Overview nodes with type_of_activity:Productions tagged with a root term from the name_of_activity vocab. 
-  * Overview nodes will list/link Overview pages tagged child terms of their name_of_activity term. 
-  * A workshop is an Event node with type_of_activity:workshop tag. 
-  * an "Event Series" is actually an Overview node, with a type_of_activity:event tag. 
-  * There exists both a Event node type and an type_of_activity:event tag. 
-    * an Image node, for example may be tagged with type_of_activity:event. 
-=== todo === 
-  * logos on overview pages 
-== would be nice... == + 
-  * (probably just for section pages) find out the image gallery that an image is in and add that as the lightbox link.+ 
 +see also [[delta_notes]]
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