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-==== People and their plant-related initiatives in Gent ====+==== Some inspiring and sustainable plant-based initiatives by Gent locals ====
 Click on the green headings to hear their stories and learn more Click on the green headings to hear their stories and learn more
-[[Liesbeth Hiele]]\\ Bee expert 
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-[[het landhuis]]\\ Squat and urban garden+[[Landhuis]]\\ Autonomous Ecological Garden
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-Transition Gent// http://www.gent.transitie.be/+[[Stefaan Streulens]]\\ Eco Warrior
-**Avalon**\\ Organic Vegetarian Restaurant, Permaculture courses, Edible garden\\ * http://www.restaurantavalon.be/ 
 +[[Marlinde Koopmans]]\\ Greening the streets and studying about food distribution
-**De wereld van Kina**\\ Natuurmuseum\\ * http://www.dewereldvankina.be 
-Velt Gent +[[MIAT]]\\ Museum industriele archeologie en textiel
-local food picnicking: 
-  * http://boerenbrood.org/ 
 +**Transition Gent**\\ http://www.gent.transitie.be
-guerilla gardeners: +**Avalon**\\ Organic Vegetarian Restaurant, Permaculture courses, Edible garden\\ http://www.restaurantavalon.be
-  https://guerillagardeninggent.wordpress.com/+
-  * http://www.torekes.be/categorie%C3%ABn/tags/torekes+**Roomer**\\ http://www.roomer.be
-ugent1010 (students and sustainability): +**Torekes**\\ http://www.torekes.be
-  * http://ugent1010.ugent.be/+
-EVA (vegetarian society): +**De wereld van Kina**\\ Natuurmuseum\\ http://www.dewereldvankina.be
-  * http://www.evavzw.be/+
 +**Velt Gent**\\ Courses in ecological gardening, network, advice, support\\ www.velt.be
-Callas Confiture (artisanal preserves): +**Liesbeth Hiele**\\ Bee expert\\ http://www.apicula.be
-  * http://www.callasconfiture.com/doku.php+
 +**Boerenbrood**\\ Local food picnicking\\ http://boerenbrood.org
-De Volkstuin (Gardeners association): +** Guerilla Gardening Gent**\\ https://guerillagardeninggent.wordpress.com
-  http://www.volkstuin.be/+
-Huis van alijn (small museum interested in being more sustainable) +**Ugent1010**\\ Students and Sustainability\\ http://ugent1010.ugent.be 
-  * http://www.huisvanalijn.be/info/house-alijn+ 
 +**EVA**\\ Vegetarian Society\\ http://www.evavzw.be 
 +**Callas Confiture**\\ Artisanal preserves\\ http://www.callasconfiture.com/doku.php 
 +**De Volkstuin**\\ Gardeners association\\ http://www.volkstuin.be/
-De Papegaai (organic fries, organic veg-boxes...): 
-  * https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frituur-de-Papegaai/105131882881575 
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