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 ====Lab notes from "silent dialogues" ==== ====Lab notes from "silent dialogues" ====
-part of [[borrowed scenery]] experiments in [[plant communication]]+part of [[:Borrowed Scenery]] experiments in [[:plant communication]]
 === 20121016 === === 20121016 ===
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   * microscopy   * microscopy
   * watered plants   * watered plants
-  * notes for [[what a plant knows]] +  * notes for [[:what_a_plant_knows]] 
-  * earthboot device -> [[kokedama]] test+  * earthboot device -> [[:kokedama]] test
-project notes MH: +project notes (MH)
   * bioluminscent communication vector: dark goggles with mycelium contained, some way of amplifying photon events   * bioluminscent communication vector: dark goggles with mycelium contained, some way of amplifying photon events
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   * sonification (analogue VCO (741) or simple software)   * sonification (analogue VCO (741) or simple software)
 +=== 20121017 ===
 +  * some notes on action potential (AP) and variation potential (VP) measurement (see [[:plant_perception|Plant Perception]])
 +  * construction of dual coil amplifier and headband (anticipating testing with 2 low frequency signals generated by software)
 +  * discussion of potential signals for dual coil amplifier (low frequency chaotic modulations 5-10Hz as suggested by close reading of: http://www.mindspring.com/~txporter/persemf.htm
 +  * two trials of plant consciousness interface with computer (puredata) generated signal. In both cases the means of generation of the signal was identical (white noise modulating sine wave of 8 Hz), and the same signal was applied to both coils. the first trial (MH) with coils attached in proximity to occipital lobes, the second trial (NG) with coils close to temporal lobes. in both cases, no effects could be discerned other than those attributable to concentrated self observation. 
 +  * NG suggests further trials with improved signal generation: randomly shifting frequency of carrier within parameters alongside noise modulation so we have a differing signal applied to each coil. patch modified for this purpose. 
 +=== 20121018 ===
 +  * further tests of modulated noise source to drive each coil separately. initial tests produced slight, somewhat uncomfortable conditions in subject (e.g. "like a toothache, but lower")
 +  * surface elctrodes for measuring signal propogation in trees. copper wire, gold coated thread, ultrasound transmission gel. mounted at sequent petioles.
 +  * recording of signals - differential amplification, 1x, 50x. credible results, quite noisy, electrode problems, change in either contact or electrochemical contact. strange enveloping observed. observed ~10 min signals may be VP propagation or experimental error.
 +  * kernel panic
 +  * searching for snorkel
 +=== 20121019 ===
 +  * goggles to contain [[:bioluminescent_fungi]] (mycellial photon exchange instrument - [[:mpeir]]) -> optical communication 
 +  * metaphase typewriter (c.f. [[:nick_herbert]]), primed with "The Power of Movement in Plants" by Charles Darwin -> noise -> statistical proto-meaning
 +  * field expedition -> 2x 10min experimetns with earthboot driving coils. mycelial plugs in various stumps (e.g. http://borrowed-scenery.com/zizim/reports/view/164)
 +  * fermented plant products
 +  * series of 20min session w. [[:mpeir]] and coils using ferns as signal source (short interviews recorded by MH and SJ)
 +=== 20121020 ===
 +  * open ended
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