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part of borrowed scenery experiments in plant communication


  • setup & testing of equipment
  • potential amplifier for magnetic coils → (c r a x c.x. xx nk .x)
  • microscopy
  • watered plants
  • earthboot device → kokedama test

“Two differential amplifiers (AD620 measuring plant microvoltage fluctuations) - where on the plant? Also with GND reference a la EEG, further amplified by IRF640 driving coils placed experimentally on occipital lobes. [An alternative would entail microvoltages driving (adjustable) VCO before coils.]”

Ref: (ref. remote viewing)

MH: simplest magnetic coil amp for interface tested (arriving at 1k series resistor with 15v supply giving around 10-20 milligauss at 3cm distance in parallel) will probably use 9v battery but remains approx same region…

potential sources for amplification: earthboot (but then we have computer), differential amp (ad620-TODO or ca3140), resistance bridge with transistor)

NOTE: mention in one paper of thin silver wire attached with a glue of honey/potassium chloride mix. also nik mentioned action potential measurement techniques.

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