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 +<blockquote>**Zizim** was an experimental platform borrowing from [[:grazing_hermits|Boskoi]], consisting of a website and mobile app for geotagging plants and ecologically significant locations. Under continuous testing and development throughout [[http://borrowed-scenery.net/|Borrowed Scenery]], it represented the locative dimension of the cross-pollination between physical and virtual, pointing both to useful practical information on the urban geography of plants and gardens, while also accommodating more fanciful representations, such as ambiguous "pataplants" and "pataportals" – physically significant places that interfaced with the [[Aniziz]] game to transport players to other locations.</blockquote>
 +Zizim was a field guide to remarkable plants and gardens. A valuable tool for a patabotanical field worker, it allowed you to assemble and explore a growing collection of urban plants amenable to living with humans and gardens where people cultivate, contemplate, exchange and eat plants. You could report your findings and affix fieldnotes using the website or mobile app for Android-based tracking devices.
 +==== ziziM Map ====
 +Screenshot of the Zizim map, showing densities of patabotanical activity clustered in Ghent, the focal city of Borrowed Scenery and where the Snoepwinkel -- the patabotanists' central headquarters -- was located for two months.
 +==== geodata ====
 +  * http://locust.fo.am/zizim.html
 +  * http://locust.fo.am/zizim.gpx
 +extraction of data via csv export from ushahidi...
 +  * fields to export: location (lon,lat); Title; Plant Sighting (description & possibly image); others (date?, time?, category?)
 +  * e.g. http://borrowed-scenery.com/zizim/reports/view/132 or http://borrowed-scenery.com/zizim/reports/view/169
 +  * export/describe as GPX waypoints (wptType) -> http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/
-<div style="margin-left:0px; margin-right:0px; margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px;"> 
- <div id="gmap_div" style="width:700px; height:350px; margin:0px; margin-right:12px; background-color:#F0F0F0; float:left; overflow:hidden;"> 
- <p align="center" style="font:10px Arial;">This map was created using <a target="_blank" href="http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/">GPS Visualizer</a>'s do-it-yourself geographic utilities.<br /><br />Please wait while the map data loads...</p> 
- </div> 
- <div id="gv_legend_container" style="display:none;"><table id="gv_legend_table" style="position:relative; filter:alpha(opacity=95); -moz-opacity:0.95; opacity:0.95; background:#ffffff;" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0"><tr><td><div id="gv_legend_handle" align="center" style="height:6px; max-height:6px; background:#CCCCCC; border-left:1px solid #999999; border-top:1px solid #EEEEEE; border-right:1px solid #999999; padding:0px; cursor:move;"><!-- --></div> 
- <div id="gv_legend" align="left" style="line-height:13px; border:solid #000000 1px; background:#FFFFFF; padding:4px;max-width:400px; font:11px Arial; "> 
- <!-- Although GPS Visualizer didn't create a legend with your map, you can use this box for something else if you'd like; enable it by setting gv_options.legend_options.legend to true --> 
- </div> 
- </td></tr></table></div> 
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