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 ==== Patabotanists ==== ==== Patabotanists ====
-[[:/user/Alchumilla|Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata]]  +  * [[:/user/Alchumilla|Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata]], principal patabotanist  
-[[:/user/Druko|Drukpa 'Ivy' Konvolvul]]  +  [[:/user/Druko|Drukpa 'Ivy' Konvolvul]], assistant 
-[[:/user/Tritar|Trismegisto 'Herbert' Taraxi]] +  [[:/user/Tritar|Trismegisto 'Herbert' Taraxi]], engineer 
-[[:/user/Andemica|Angelica 'Pansy' Demeziz]] +  [[:/user/Andemica|Angelica 'Pansy' Demeziz]], cook 
-[[:/user/Armormin|Armoracio 'Bud' Mineuz]] +  [[:/user/Armormin|Armoracio 'Bud' Mineuz]], archivist 
-[[:/user/Eleq|Eleuz 'Ashton' Querlano]] +  [[:/user/Eleq|Eleuz 'Ashton' Querlano]], translator 
-[[:/user/Manmi|Mandrago 'Fraser' Mithrodin]] +  [[:/user/Manmi|Mandrago 'Fraser' Mithrodin]], apprentice 
-[[:/user/Medra|Melina 'Daphne' Draco]] +  [[:/user/Medra|Melina 'Daphne' Draco]], lawyer 
-[[:/user/Cerhy|Celsa 'Hazel' Rizofor]] +  [[:/user/Cerhy|Celsa 'Hazel' Rizofor]], alchemyst 
-[[:/user/Caslab|Castuus 'Larch' Absinthian]]+  [[:/user/Caslab|Castuus 'Larch' Absinthian]], mystic
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   * [[Build and test a patabotanical device]]   * [[Build and test a patabotanical device]]
   * [[Recreate plant communication experiments]]   * [[Recreate plant communication experiments]]
-  * [[Build the Lawrence device]] +  * [[Build the Lawrence-Theroux device]] 
-  * [[Make luminescent mushroom goggles]]+  * [[Construct a Mycellial Photon Exchange InstRument]]
   * [[Navigate the city by plant compass]]   * [[Navigate the city by plant compass]]
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