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-=== Major Arcana - 0 ===+==== Major Arcana - 0 ====
   * The Fool   * The Fool
 === symbolism === === symbolism ===
-  * iconography +  * man shown as 'funny' or awkward, accompanied by a dog  
-    * shown as 'funny' or awkward, accompanied by a dog  +  * going somewhere, having nothing 
-    * going somewhere, having nothing +  * walking stick, knapsack 
-    * walking stick +  * 15C [[VS|Visconti-Sforza]] deck, beggar, linked to carnival/saturnalia -> 16C fool/jester who speaks truth, but not taken 'seriously' 
-    * 15C Visconti-Sforza deck, beggar, linked to carnival/saturnalia -> 16C fool/jester who speaks truth, but not taken 'seriously' +  * divine foolishness (c.f [[RW|Rider-Waite]])  
-    * divine foolishness (c.f Rider-Waite)  +  * air-headed (c.f bagpipes) 
-    * air-headed (c.f bagpipes) +  * musical instrument 
-    * musical instrument +  * wearing a cap (mocking royalty/aristocracy) 
-    * wearing a cap (mocking royalty/aristocracy)+  * journey 
 +  * naivety 
 +  * greenman, april fool 
 +  * primary, ill-matched colors 
 +=== archetype === 
 +  * a wanderer indulging in deliberate silliness, happy and carefree to the point of danger, innocent, divine child
 === plant connections === === plant connections ===
-  * Amanita Muscaria http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_muscaria +  * Amanita Muscaria. deliriant, red hat, fungi is outside the 'plant kingdom', misleading, primordial. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amanita_muscaria 
-    deliriant, red hat, fungi is outside the 'plant kingdom', misleadingprimordial+  * Ipomoea tricolor. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ipomoea_tricolor  
 +=== colours === 
 +  * red 
 +  * white 
 +  * yellow 
 +  * green 
 +  * black 
 +=== patabotany === 
 +The fool is a symbiosis between a vine and a fungus. The fungus feeds the vine with mischief and wish to travel, so that it carries the fungus along with it. The fungus will often take the vine in unexpected directions and trick it into visiting dangerous places. The fool has a long, twining body of a slim vine travelling along the ground and any vertical surfaces it can find. Occasionally it stops to gaze over the landscape, growing into a leafy face. The fungus grows on top of the face, as a carnevalesque pointy hat, and enhances the plant's worldview (so the plant can sense the landscape behind solid things). Once they jointly set a destination, they're quite acrobatic climberssoaring upwards and plunging into depths without trepidation. They like to play jokes on other plantslinking them together, or twining around them so they can't move. Even though they don't mean to, sometimes they strangle plants and carry them along, and every so often there is a bunch of wilted flowers stuck in a tangle of the vine. When the fool makes such mistake, it camouflages itself so no one can spot it. Other times, it convinces a plant called dogwood to grow tall trellises along which the vine can travel. As it curls around the trellis, the fungus feeds the wood with a serum that makes it grow dog-head shaped flowers. When the Fool itself blooms, the reddish-blue flowers are shaped like stars, and distributed along the vine to mirror the constellations in the sky. The fool's fruit is a translucent, inflated sack or balloon. When pressed, it produces a melodious sound of the flute. The vine can play the fruit itself, so when it is in a particularly good mood, it sounds like a bunch of children whistling a cheerful tune. 
 === other === === other ===
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 note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference note: work in progress for PARN. not general reference
 +[[major arcana]]
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