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 The Moon The Moon
 === symbolism === === symbolism ===
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   * crab crawling from the water -> inspiration   * crab crawling from the water -> inspiration
   * mystery, secrets, things appearing other than they are   * mystery, secrets, things appearing other than they are
-  * Hypnos' (Ὕπνος) palace, popies+  * Hypnos' (Ὕπνος) palace, poppies
 === plant connections === === plant connections ===
 +  * opium poppies, morphine
 +  * Nightblooming cereus, [[wp>Nightblooming_cereus]]
 +=== colours ===
 +  * dark blue
 +  * white
 +  * red (poppy)
 +  * pale yellow
 +=== patabotany ===
 +The moon is a fossilised seed-pod of a moon-sized poppy. The seed-pods of these plants can survive millions of years of space-travel, until they reach a hospitable environment. They enter the atmosphere of a new planet and hang upside-down above it, with its thin fossil-stem pointing towards the sky, ending in barely visible, brittle, down-like roots. The crown of the pod is ribbed, in the shape of a human profile, from which tiny droplets of luminescent plant-milk drip onto the planet's surface, forming an otherworldly body of water, glowing from its depths. Occasionally the pod drops a seed into the pond, from which a new plant arises - the moonflower, blossoming only under the light of the vegetal moon. On Earth, the flower absorbs the eggs of the crabs living in the luminescent pond. The flower sucks the life-juice out of the eggs and its thin outer petals harden to become claws, allowing the flower to crawl out of the water, where it wanders the earth until dawn. The moon-flower dies as soon as the sun's rays touch its skin. Its otherwise pale-white flesh turns blood red and its corpse produces new hybrid seeds in the moment of its death. They are seeds of earth-bound plants that are able to grow in the sun, but show their true face only by the light of the moon - millions of red, wolf-like faces calling out to their parent-plant-planet to hoist them back into their space-faring existence.   
 === other === === other ===
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 [[major arcana]] [[major arcana]]
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