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 ==== Terence McKenna ==== ==== Terence McKenna ====
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   * [[TransHuman]]   * [[TransHuman]]
   * [[Squid Skin]]   * [[Squid Skin]]
 +  * [[ordinary_language_visible_language|Ordinary Language, Visible Language & Virtual Reality]]
 +  * [[wp>Terence_McKenna]]
 +==== talks, texts and transcripts ====
 +"The other night I searched (the Web) for 'self-transforming elf machines.' There were 36 hits! It surprised me. I sort of use the search engine like an oracle. I've used the phrase for DMT, 'Arabian hyperspace.' So I thought of this, and then I searched it, 'Arabian hyperspace,' in quotes. And it took me right to a transcript of the talk in which I'd said the thing! You can find your own mind on the Internet. I'm very grateful to the people who type up my talks and then post them at their websites." -- Terence McKenna
 +  * [[Lectures on Alchemy]] as transcribed by David Ulansey
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