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 ==== Armoracio 'Bud' Mineuz ==== ==== Armoracio 'Bud' Mineuz ====
 +the archivist  
 +{{>http://flickr.com/photos/foam/8678494024 !thumbnail}}
 +Librarian and literature researcher, collector of networked knowledge and keeper of records. He is the archivist responsible for keeping track of manifold tangents generated by the patabotanists and their research assistants. He is the gardener of the Garginz archive, keeper of the Dilzio logbook and a resident sceptic.
 +Interests: multi-dimensional mixed reality classification systems, maintaining order.
 +Personality traits: authoritarian, scholarly, pompous, obsessively orderly, convoluted and incomprehensible communicator.
 ==== recent edits ==== ==== recent edits ====
 {{editor>armormin}} {{editor>armormin}}
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