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 ==== Eleuz 'Ashton' Querlano ==== ==== Eleuz 'Ashton' Querlano ====
 +the translator  
 +| {{>http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam/8678493956 !thumbnail}} | Cross-species thalience linguist, ranger of the Park for Artificial and Botanical Intelligencies, in charge of communicating with sentient non-humans. His tasks include translation (simultaneous and otherwise) between a vast array of human and botanical languages, channelling inner plants, research into vegetal cognition and signalling. On occasions he can be persuaded to teach, when he can still his conscience and allow himself to corrupt the young minds with his irreverent ideas. |
 +Interests: linguistics, science fiction, plant neurobiology, the Other'.
 +Personality traits: enlightened, irreverent, wise, loyal, can indulge in copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.
 ==== recent edits ==== ==== recent edits ====
 {{editor>eleq}} {{editor>eleq}}
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