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 +==== Automated Puritanism ====
 +==== Tumblr/Apple Banned Words - Dec 2021 ====
 +(via )
 +Bolded =  Total Block

 +Unbolded = Empty Tag
 +Total Phrases: 401 (I think)
 +about me
 +Alec Lightwood
 +Alice May
 +alt right
 +animal abuse
 +anime girl
 +anti native racism
 +ask to tag
 +baby girl
 +beta male
 +black tar
 +body horror
 +body stims
 +boys love
 +domestic abuse
 +don’t reblog
 +eating disorder
 +eye horror
 +eye trauma
 +gender critical
 +GL drama
 +gone wild
 +high heels
 +Kim Doyeon
 +Leah rambles
 +long post
 +Mary Jane
 +mental illness
 +my face
 +my gif
 +my gifs
 +my life
 +my photos
 +my post
 +my stuff
 +my thing
 +my video
 +my voice
 +not pro just using tags
 +only fans
 +over 18
 +paint mixing
 +radfem safe
 +rule 34
 +safe sex
 +self hate
 +self reblog
 +serial killer
 +sex education
 +sex work
 +sexual assault
 +sexual harassment
 +single dad
 +single mom
 +single parent
 +slut shaming
 +[color] stim 
 +stim board
 +stim toy
 +stretch marks
 +suicide prevention
 +tan lines
 +TERFS do touch
 +TERFS please touch
 +testicular cancer
 +Tony the Tiger (yes, really)
 +trigger warning
 +true crime
 +turned on
 +wet look
 +1488 (good)
 +As of December 26, 4:15pm PST, this does bypass the blocks.
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