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Backups. by Jamie “Shut up. I know things. You will listen to me. Do it anyway.” Zawinski »

block by block or

rsync -avz -e ssh [user@host:path] [user@host:path]


using dvd-/+R on liquid.local to make mac/linux compatible backups to dvd

# mkisofs -r -apple -mac-name -o '/tmp/[image].img' /path/to/stuff 
# dvdrecord -dev=/dev/hdb -dao -overburn /tmp/[image].img


seems to work well, is a syncroniser which propogates changes in both directions, using the same algorithm as rsync.


manual >


eg. unison a.tmp ssh:user@remote.hostabsolute/path/to/a.tmp

[NOTE: should include disk recovery notes, and using dd, ddrescue, testdisk and duplicity – nik gaffney]

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