installing bibliotecha on raspberry pi » with help from The Manual


  • osx install
    • diskutil list
    • diskutil umount /dev/disk2s1 (or sudo diskutil umountDisk /dev/disk2 )
    • sudo dd bs=1m if=2013-10-13-wheezy-minibian.img of=/dev/rdisk2 ← ACHTUNG!
  • recoll
  • apt-get install git
  • running bibliotecha → reboot (cgi errors, 404s, etc)
    • [re]build recoll index?

install 'everything' (except wireless drivers)

sudo apt-get install raspi-config tmux rpi-update curl calibre git recoll python-recoll aspell-en aspell libimage-exif-perl libimage-exiftool-perl unzip lighttpd hostapd wireless-tools daemon dnsmasq hostapd

update calibre library via remote host. sshfs. switch library to user@bibliotecha:/opt/bibliotecha/bookcase/

update and indexing library

captive protal / dns redirects

  • edit /etc/dnsmasq.conf
    • no-resolv, no-hosts
  • check dhcp range (iff needed)


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