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Gas masks etc.

An early pathogenic garment, from the age of the Plague.

Plague doctor

  • from

DIY (Baby gas-mask-zipper-bag and DIY gas-mask.)


Plysu.jpgPlysuhoodPlysu halfsuitPlysu hood.jpg

Nice balloon-like suits.

Plysu nuclearPlysu nuclear

More permanent types for chemical threats.


Like diving suits for the atmosphere.

Pro plus bachemical protective suit


Eye-washskin-sanitizercleansing spraySanizene-disinfectant


water purifierair purifier

  • 'First Need' deluxe water purifier, from
  • Hunter air purifier features the HEPAtech multi-stage air purification system, that removes smoke, dust, pollen and most airborne allergen particles as small as .1 micron, from


  • 'Scott Aviation' portable oxygen system, from
  • 'Mestel SGE-400' avian birdflu mask, from

(see also Inflatable Wearables .)

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