Where are the Luddites: An Open Call for Bioluddites


bioluddites are for:

  • social critique of biotechnology (what is “social” aspect of critique? shouldn't it be “ethical”?)
  • keeping track of the big picture
  • accept that there is no 'revolutionary' cures, so nurture and prevention over quick fixes (this nurture and prevention does not sound like a method luddites would prioritize at least not as only…how about direct action? subversion?)
  • knowledge that can increase our control over pervasive biotechnology
  • biotechnology on the human scale (hm… what would this mean? human as in “individual”?)

bioluddites are for more clarity about: (why “more” and not “explicit clarity and transparency”)

  • long term social implications of biotechnology
  • the scope and edges of the biotech sphere

bioluddites want to empower people to make informed choices about using the biotechnology in their everyday life and being critical about:

  • antibiotic resistance
  • cliches synthetic 'nature' mirage of rural environments
  • the industrialisation of the organic ethos
  • overspecialisation and monoculture (in farming and society)
  • footprint of meat and other foodstuffs

bioluddites are against:

  • control of biotechnology beyond human scale
  • solutionism
  • mystification of biotechnology that unrealistically gets people's hopes up
  • mindless exploitation of the environment
  • patented names for food that have perfectly usable folk names


be aware & in control of biotechnologies in your daily life

  • society and the environment come first, biotechnology is secondary
  • be critical of the power structures biotechnology is used within
  • demand transparency of supply chains (cherish openness of sources and willingness to research them)
  • seek out authenticity of lifestyles, information and image
  • biotechnology should be developed and used on a human scale
  • fuel production should not be in conflict with food production
  • beware of short-termism and reductionism

take good care of yourself

  • choose quality over quantity - in your lifespan, food and healthcare
  • augment and extend your senses and communicate with appearance
  • keep yourself 'relatable'to others

you are what you eat

  • be mindful of food
  • support biodiversity by expanding the food spectrum to non-mainstream food culture - insects, waste, parasites…
  • how food looks matters
  • food should be as cheap as possible, but no cheaper
  • meat is a luxury product
  • proper food is medicine but be selective about nutriceuticals

bioluddites are social animals

  • all biotechnology has a potential to be social
  • bioluddites are sympathetic to the needs of modern day life
  • decypher convoluted biotech information & instruction for those in need

bioluddites live with their environment

  • be adaptable and flexible to change
  • be at the frontier of embracing climate weirding instead of fearing it
  • embrace the contrast of man-made and nature grown, as this is reality


bioluddites' embodiment of purpose:

  • the lifestyle moral police of biotechnology
  • quantified self as a part of the food and health supply chains (you are not separate from your food and waste)
  • Bioluddites are role models: living examples and embodiments of their principles

what do bioluddites do:

  • practice non-symbolic actions in bioluddite coaching
  • curate biotechnology for a range of lifestyles
  • practice and/or promoting holistic personalised medicine/wellbeing
  • contribute to social network of peer-to-peer healthcare networks
  • be understood by creating experiences
  • reappropriate the media's mental pollution into conundrums for thought
  • organise social gatherings
  • hold regular open house events
  • point to biotech glitches
  • hold pop-up bioluddite clinics
  • hold retreats from biotechnology
  • promote patience by making use of people's 'wasted' time
  • teach hunting and foraging skills
  • any tools of bioluddism should be used on the go


  • governance structure: network of pyramids?
  • the bioluddite oath (…)
  • flexible prenominated, public fines for self discipline, if you choose to act against bioluddite principles
  • recruiting: customers, potential and future bioluddites




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