(an exploration into the murky underworld of Computer Science and Programming Languages)

The language 'brainfuck' knows the following commands:

Cmd Effect Equivalent in C
+ Increases element under pointer array[p]++;
- Decrases element under pointer array[p]--;
> Increases pointer p++;
< Decreases pointer p--;
[ Starts loop, counter under pointer while(array[p]) {
] Indicates end of loop }
. Outputs ASCII code under pointer putchar(array[p]);
, Reads char and stores ASCII under ptr array[p]=getchar();

All other characters are ignored. The 30000 array elements and p are being initialized to zero at the beginning. Now while this seems to be a pretty useless language, it can be proven that it can compute every solvable mathematical problem (if we ignore the array size limit and the executable size limit).


Actually, it's Turing-complete even if the executable size is limited to, say, half a K of source code. See http://www.hevanet.com/cristofd/brainfuck/brainfuck.html#turing and related pages.

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