(a photographic process…)

It’s been several years since the Caffenol craze took the online world by storm. And by “online world,” I mean “a tiny little corner dedicated to film photographers who develop their own black & white film.” And by “storm,” I mean “a collection of forums, blogs and Flickr pools that cumulatively number more than one.” –f/EGOR

“Is a homage and guide to the Caffenol developers that have become increasingly popular with analogue b/w film enthusiasts due to the versatility, non-toxic compounds and unique environmentally friendly footprint. The book is intended as inspiration for anyone interested in trying or expanding on Caffenol developing.” http://www.caffenol-cookbook.com/

“Dedicated to the power of Caffenol and Caffenol-C film developer made of: instant coffee, washing soda and vitamin-C.” http://caffenol.blogspot.be/

The ULTRAsomething Caffenol adventure part 1 and part 2

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