The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an independent research institute engaged in exploring, examining and understanding the genomes and biotechnologies that make up the human food systems of planet earth. We are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge at the intersection of food, culture, ecology and technology. The Center presents its research through public lectures, research publications, meals and exhibitions.

Vegan Ortolan

What better way to challenge the skills of a chef than to create a vegan recipe which simulates the experience of crunching through the skin, guts and bones of a small bird, without using any animal products?

Eating in the Anthropocene: Transgenic Fish, Mutagenic Grapefruits and Space Potatoes

Over the last few years hackers have begun to take a larger interest in food, gastronomy and agriculture. For many in the community the ability to create DIY molecular gastronomy hardware and recipes is an obvious entry point. This talk extends some of these early investigations beyond the kitchen and the chemical properties of food by looking at specific cultivars, food technology organizations, and connections between food systems, ecosystems and planetary change.

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