“If it be feared that this Discourse may unhappily advantage others, in such unlawfull courses: Tis considerable, that it does not only teach how to deceive, but consequently also how to discover Delusions. And then besides, the chiefe experiments are of such nature, that they cannot be frequently practiced, without just cause of suspicion, when as it is in the Magistrates power to prevent them. However, it will not follow, that every thing must be supprest, which may bee abused… If all those usefull inventions that are lyable to abuse, should therefore be concealed, there is not any Art or Science, which might be lawfully professed.”

John Wilkins 'Mercury, or the Secret and Swift messenger, shewing how a man may with privacy and speed Communicate his thoughts to a Friend at any distance' (London, 1641) p. 170.

see: Copywrongs

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