Running Sheets

A few examples of FoAM's running sheets and flow diagrams, notes that we share amongst facilitators to keep in mind what we agreed while facilitating a session.

AoF (Art of Futuring), a multi day workshop for 30 people run by one facilitator. One document - running sheet to keep track of the various tasks, outcomes and materials needed.

Civas Good Life Conference, Running sheet for facilitators, 1/2 day workshop for 50 people with 2 facilitators, 1 curator and 1 workshop designer who won't be present. A simple running sheet for the facilitators to remember who does what, the session names, timing and materials needed.

The Ocean Connects Us, a day-long participatory event for 150 people run by 2 facilitators, 1 co-ordinator, several speakers, volunteers and moderators. Two documents - internal event design specification (that we used to agree on the event design several months beforehand) and running sheet that we used for the co-ordinator, facilitators and volunteers onthe day of the event.

Stillness exhibition, with several types of activities happening at the same time, with five hosts. This is an example of designing activities using a spatial flow, allowing the facilitators to improvise and the participants to roam freely (yet be guided by the setup of the space):

Ancestors and Rituals, 1/2 day participatory (multisensory) event. This is a very different diagram to visualise the spatial and temporal flow for the event run by four hosts

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