Interviews with residents in Delhi

These notes form a part of sanjeev_shankar's research, and the following questions are part of the permaculture-research-methodology

Some of the questions discussed with the inhabitants of Delhi and their initial responses are listed below:

1. Why are you staying in New Delhi?

  • Need for money, 'growth', education, success, 'better' life, a good job and for the future of our kids. We want our kids to live a better life. Back home, it is a lot of struggle. The land we own is very small and there is acute shortage of water.

2. What do you like most about the city?

  • Tall buildings, permanent houses, cars, markets, electricity, cleanliness, education, health, different people, languages and the 'sense that we are popular because we stay in a big city'. We also feel more connected and feel included, part of the system.

3. What do you dislike about the city and why?

  • We miss home and there is too much noise, pollution, dirt and congestion. Sometimes there are too many people and the 'queues are very long'!

4. What do you miss about your village/town?

  • Our family is there, it is more peaceful, our roots are there, we go every six months. But now even our villages are becoming very dirty and noisy.

5. What is the importance of plants in your life?

  • We worship 'tulsi' and the 'banyan'. They are connected with our Gods. They are good for our health. They give shade, life and spirituality. They are like our 'kids'.

6. Which are the plants that you grow?

  • Tulsi, mango, marigold, rose, money plant, chilis, guava, banana, tomatoes, chiku, grapes, neem, jamun, coriander, spinach, mushrooms, brinjal.

7. In the last few months, Delhi has lost 30,000 trees. What are the reasons for this and could this be avoided?

  • Reasons: greed, real estate developers and a continuous increase in population. Yes it can be avoided but it is very difficult to do so.

8. Can a city and a forest coexist?

  • No. ( This was the answer from the majority )
  • Isn't a city yet another forest !! (answered by an 8th grade student at the Indian High School, Dubai)
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