• should there be a name_of_activity:potential_projects ?
  • there should be some tag to differentiate between internal events (workshops) and other events. where internal events are not displayed in upcoming events (eg, residencies).
  • overview images: should all of the images take you to a gallery, where images are viewed with lightbox?
    • eg, images shouldn't turn up in the list of “related” things under the overview text.
  • what type will “normal” nodes be? will they all include related images etc?
    • maybe most things should be overview nodes?
      • but don't show striking/overview images if they are not available.
        • how to link to non-overview images in that case?
  • where have all of the links for authenticated users come from? it looks like some module breaks something.
  • a special node type for section pages or do them manually?
    • the query is mentioned in the first factoid below.
  • how to associate images with an individual node (eg, an event) without needing to make a new tag?
  • where do attachemnts for biblio nodes end up, and is it possible to have a URL alias defined for the attachment.
  • what type of node should 'fieldwork' be, and how to provide an overview (ie. 'Overview' vs. 'Section')? should a 'Seciton' node include related 'Article' nodes based on type_of_activity?
  • Most pages should be 'Overview' nodes. The content type 'Overview' is used to make pages that include, or reference other content (eg. images/related projects,etc+)
  • “Productions” page will list all Overview nodes with type_of_activity:Productions tagged with a root term from the name_of_activity vocab.
  • Overview nodes will list/link Overview pages tagged child terms of their name_of_activity term.
  • A workshop is an Event node with type_of_activity:workshop tag.
  • an “Event Series” is actually an Overview node, with a type_of_activity:event tag.
  • There exists both a Event node type and an type_of_activity:event tag.
    • an Image node, for example may be tagged with type_of_activity:event.
  • Overview nodes should only have one name_of_activity tag.
  • Section nodes should only have one type_of_activity tag.
  • there should be no two Overview nodes with the same name_of_activity tag.
  • there should be no two Section nodes with the same type_of_activity tag.
  • the display of “submitted by xxx” is controlled in the global theme settings, i have turned it off on most pages
  • EventOverview
    • upcoming and past events
    • i did this with a node-specific theme.. the events node is node 114. the theme is in node-114.tpl.php.
  • publications overview text is implemented as a block. http://delta.fo.am/admin/build/block/configure/block/4
  • decide what to do about forums & comments
  • check 404 & 403 templates
  • url redirections from old site
  • add link to subscribe to update list
  • display 'related events' on events pages, as seen on the 'overview' pages.
  • sort 'related events' by most recent → most ancient
  • positioning of teaser images in 'related' section
  • teaser images for events in 'related' section
  • address field in event (needs CSS improvement)
  • prosaic tag block (providing context for a node in terms of how it relates to other overviews, or types of activity)
    • look at the phptest block… you can determine the nid of the current node by inspecting the url path via the arg(x) values
  • improve layout of publication pages
  • when selecting images from a $tid (eg. using 'get_images' in foam.php) check if the gallery has subgalleries, and include their images also. (possibly: http://api.drupal.org/api/function/taxonomy_get_children/5)

done (as of 2008-05-20)

  • (probably just for section pages) find out the image gallery that an image is in and add that as the lightbox link.
    • in node-section.tpl.php
  • events should pull in images.. but from where?
    • there is now a node-event.tpl.php
    • events can be tagged with an image gallery, a selection of images from that gallery will appear at the bottom of the node
  • don't show “upcoming” unless there are actually upcoming events.
    • changed in node-114.tpl.php
  • timezone in event (check named div & default tz)
    • this change made in modules/event/event.theme:theme_event_nodeapi
  • logos on overview pages
  • images in teaser block
  • section overview images?
    • working in theory but nothing is tagged appropriately?
  • the problem with tags like “None”, is that they appear quite high in the tag cloud. I think any tag that has a “none” option should just not be set required.

would be nice...

  • end date on event should get set to the start date? or maybe only when opening the calendar to allow leaving the second date blank.
    • the end date doesn't get displayed if it's the same as the start date

adding an Overview page

An Overview page groups a number of related nodes together. They are mostly used for grouping together the various parts of a project (such as events, workshop and other information).

Each Overview page needs to be tagged with exactly one tag from the “name_of_activity” vocabulary. This tag determines where it will appear on the website. If the tag you choose is a child of another tag, the Overview page will appear in the list of “related projects” in the overview page with the parent tag.

If the Overview page has no parents, it will appear in the relevant Section page based on its “type_of_activity” tag.

Before creating an Overview page with a particular tag, you should do a search to check there isn't already a page with the same tag. If there is, you should edit that one instead, or delete it.

where do the images come from?

on an overview page

for an overview page, the striking image is pulled randomly from all images that have the same name_of_activity tag, and the image_placement tag “striking”. the overview images (small thumbnails) are pulled randomly from all images that have the same name_of_activity tag, and the image_placement tag “overview”.

on a section page

for a section page, the striking image is pulled randomly from all images that have the same type_of_activity tag and the image_placement tag “striking”. the overview images are pulled randomly from all images that have the same type_of_activity tag, and the image_placement tag “overview”.

on an overview page

the images link to the gallery with the same name as the name_of_activity tag (that is, not the same tag, but the image gallery tag that has the same spelling).

on a section page

the images link to the image gallery that the image comes from.

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