Some links about 'garage biology'…

General websites & blogs

DIYbio is a central platform connecting different local DIY biology initiatives. The websites proposes links to those different local projects, a not-so-frequently-updated blog, and, more interesting, the access to their Google mailing list, which is a place of intensive technical exchanges between amateur biologists… Radio podcasts about DIY biology.
Blog about different scientific issues and news, paying a large attention to DIY biology.
Web page of the Indian team 'ArtScienceBangalore' that took part to the iGEM 2010 competition. They propose instructions to make cheap lab material, like the 100$ sterile hood, the 10 $ incubator or the 20 $ centrifuge.

Open Labs
BiologiGaragen is a open wet lab based in Labitat, Denmark. The place was created by enthusiasts willing to promote citizen access to biology. They are currently building up experiments about bioreactors, microbial fuel cells, closed marine ecosystems, etc.
Genspace is a community lab based in New York. This non-profit organization provides a safe environment for everyone who wants to conduct experiments, mostly in the fields of molecular biology. They work a lot with children, and the lab has obviously an educational purpose.

A good resource of DIY biology protocols and information. Focused on molecular biology and DNA-techniques. Some of the protocols seem directly taken from the 'real lab', and could turn out to be useless for most amateur biologist.
The Hackteria blog, and its wiki counterpart, are a good starting point for beginners in DIY biology. The experiments they propose are often cheap and technically feasible, and everything is well documented and illustrated by pictures.

In the press...
An enthusiastic article about DIY biology published in h+, the journal of the transhumanist association.



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