requires DHCP on the network, and will assign its own ip#

use ap-config to configure under linux, access point type is NWM

To reset the AP to factory defaults, insert a paperclip into the small hole under the RJ-45 Ethernet connector. The activity light will turn solid green. Wait for it to turn off and remove the paperclip. The AP is now reset to factory defaults. The factory default ESSID is ‘default’, all small case.

The MAC address is located on the router but may not be immediately recognizable because it is not in the standard MAC address format. It is listed as serial number in the format 004005-xxxxxx. The MAC address is 00:40:0

by Jay Topp on December 29, 2001

DLink DWL-1000AP is a 11Mbps wireless LAN access point product, which is geared towards home users. It supports WEP, MAC address control and user authentication. An oversight in the design of this product creates a vulnerability which may be exploited by an attacker to hijack the access point.

The administrative password is stored in plaintext in the default “public” MIB. Any attacker within range, using a SNMP client, can reveal the administrative password by browsing the “public” MIB.

With the administrative password, it is possible for an attacker to gain access to the wireless network, change the configuration of the device, or cause a denial of service.

The issue is further complicated by BugTraq? ID 3736, “D-Link DWL-1000AP Wireless LAN Access Point Public Community String Vulnerability”.

This issue has been confirmed with the 3.2.28 #483 firmware. Other versions of the firmware may also be affected. - Thanks

URL: Brought to You by Xatrix Security,

defualt password: read=“public” write=“private”

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