DMT is pretty good, but it is different than 5-meo-dmt. And they aren't similar at all to any of the 2c series, as those are phenethylamines and not tryptamines like DMT. 5-meo-dmt is quite a bit more potent than DMT.

DMT is very easy to extract from organic plant matter than one might think. It is relatively simple and cheap to buy Mimosa hostilis plant matter over the internet. Using a grinder or a blender, pulverize the bark of M. hostilis to a fine powder and place into Pyrex or ceramic jar/bowl with a lid. Take 10% to 20% HCl and dilute with distilled water until it reaches a pH of 1 to 2. Cover the powdered bark with the HCl and heat the mixture until it reaches a temperature of 40°C to 55°C, being careful not to go over this range too much. Also, make sure you stir it so none sticks on the bottom. After heating for 20 to 30 minutes. After letting this cool, take a piece of muslin or a fine screen and separate the solids from the liquids. It may take several filters to achieve a clear solution. If you're fancy and have a vacuum aspirator, or other type of device, use it instead to save time. You can wash/heat the remaining solids again to make sure all of the alkaloids are extracted. Use a non-polar solvent such as naptha or chloroform (no additives!) to take the oils out of the solution and separate the layers, keeping the denser, acidic, polar DMT layer. Now you'll want to add NaOH and be sure to bring the pH to 11, diluting with water as necessary. Slowly and smoothly add the base solution to the DMT solution and make sure to watch out for the caustic reaction, the DMT turns from a greyish reddish color to an almost brownish black color the higher the pH raises. Now, add about 1/3 of the total solution's worth of your non-polar solvent to the mixture and shake heavily for at least two hours. Let this sit and make sure you have as close to two layers of liquid as you can, but three doesn't hurt. The third layer is an emulsion and only takes a bit more time to find it's place in the mixture. Now, separate the non-polar layer from the polar layer and add a bit more non-polar solvent to the remaining polar layer to extract just a bit more. Separate these layers again, discard the polar layer, and allow your non-polar solution to evaporate on a glass or metal pan at room temperature. You will notice that large crystalline structures form, but if they emerge as semi-wet solids, you can always do another wash to get rid of the leftover waste. You now have a smokeable crystal of DMT and a few other harmless alkaloids from the M. hostilis bark. Remember, it is fairly easy to convert it to it's HCl salt if you wish for it to be water soluble. Enjoy :)

Hi Harmonik - You posted the classic acid/base method.

A good friend of mine gets better results (with less mess) by using this straight to base method.

Powder the hostilis root bark as you describe (or purchase it powdered). Mix the bark in a 1L mason jar in the following proportions - 50 grams bark, 3 tablespoons NaOH, 500 mL water. The precise measurements aren't necessary, but don't be lazy - cake accuracy, not nuclear bomb accuracy, are what we're after.

Mix. It'll turn black and slimy almost instantly. Add 100-200 mL naptha. Shake like mad - since it's very basic, no emulsion will form. Just a lot of bubbles that will settle out after an hour or two. If they don't settle out after a few hours, add a saturated solution of salt water and shake.

Wait 6 hours, siphon off most of the naptha with a turkey baster, and put the naptha (now saturated with DMT) on a glass plate - the smaller the better.

Add more naptha to the mason jar, shake, and wait 24 hours. Siphon it off, add to plate, repeat 1 or 2 more times.

You'll continually be adding more DMT containing naptha to the supersaturated naptha solution. Let it evaporate, and a freebase oil will form. Over a few days, this freebase oil will crystallize into a waxy solid.

Scrape the solid. This is DMT. If you only do a few naptha pulls (ie don't repeat 15 times) it should be pretty clean and not require any further purification. If you repeated the naptha pulls a lot, you may need to purify.

50g should get you between 0.25 and 0.5 grams your first time.

And now you're only half done - research smoking it. It's a giant pain in the ass.

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