…with Georgie. A radioshow broadcast on 3D Radio (previously 5MMM) Adelaide, from 1990 → 200x

Each episode was digitised from analogue tape then edited slightly to remove 'auto reverse' gaps and other obvious tape glitches (there might still be a few glitches remaining). The torrents each point to a single mp3 file, encoded at 192kbs (i might add an info.txt at some point futurewards - so let me know if you make a tracklisting!). ..

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Greg Bowering has a few episodes available here1)ftp://ftp.bowering.org/pub/ThreeDRadio_93.7_FM/

  • DreamingDasies_1994_12
  • DreamingDasies_1995_01
  • DreamingDasies_1995_03
  • DreamingDasies_1995_03_28
  • DreamingDasies_1995_06_26

featuring the most common misspelling of the show's title
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