It is well known that intracranial lesions can be associated with psychiatric symptomatology. But this is he first and only instance I have come across in which hallucinatory voices sought to reassure the patient of their genuine interest in her welfare, offered her a specific diagnosis (there were no clinical signs that would have alerted anyone to the tumour), directed her to the type of hospital best equipped to deal with her problem, expressed pleasure that she had at last received the treatment they desired for her, bid her farewell, and thereafter disappeared. A difficult case: Diagnosis made by hallucinatory voices

Most of the world is divided neatly into distinct nations with clearly defined borders. This map is about the locations that do not fit that model, those territories that are claimed by more than one country / occupying force. The conflicts range from major wars whose impacts are felt around world (e.g. Islamic State) to minor disagreements over remote, uninhabited rocks (e.g. Rockall Island). disputed territories map

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