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 **Edible Uses** **Edible Uses**
-Edible Parts: +Edible Parts: flowers, berries 
 +"Fruit - raw or cooked. The flavour of the raw fruit is not acceptable to many tastes, though when cooked it makes delicious jams, preserves, pies and so forth. It can be used fresh or dried, the dried fruit being less bitter. The fruit is used to add flavour and colour to preserves, jams, pies, sauces, chutneys etc, it is also often used to make wine. The fruit is about 8mm in diameter and is borne in large clusters. Some caution is advised, see the notes above on toxicity. Flowers - raw or cooked. They can also be dried for later use. The flowers are crisp and somewhat juicy, they have an aromatic smell and flavour and are delicious raw as a refreshing snack on a summers day, though look out for the insects. The flowers are used to add a muscatel flavour to stewed fruits, jellies and jams (especially gooseberry jam). They are often used to make a sparkling wine. A sweet tea is made from the dried flowers. The leaves are used to impart a green colouring to oils and fats." 
 Elderberry Crunch Bread -http://www.care2.com/greenliving/elderberry-crunch-bread.html Elderberry Crunch Bread -http://www.care2.com/greenliving/elderberry-crunch-bread.html
-Elder Flower Vinegar/ Elderberry ChutneyElderberry Ketchup/ Elderberry Jam without Apples +More recipes such as: Elder Wine/Elderberry Jam without Apples/Elderflower Vinegar/Elderberry Chutney, you can fined here:
-Source: http://www.istrianet.org/istria/gastronomy/osteria/condiments-elderberry1.htm+http://botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/e/elder-04.html#rec 
 **Medicinal Uses** **Medicinal Uses**
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