Reality Generation - Notes

(part of f15 expanded from an overview)

images & mood*

Pliant matter

  • Thick: spaces, descriptions, calligraphy, liminal media on the periphery of perception
  • Pliability, elasticity, responsiveness, density, fluidity
  • From objects to fields: working with nuances and atmospheres, refractions, shadows; SPIMES (open objects, objects with history, objects as protagonists)
  • Dynamic luminescence, continuous sculpting, algorithmic design (of matter and media), translucency
  • Membranes: (wearable architecture, topology, M-theory, biomimicry, 5 human skins)

Related: TML, Sphaerae (and cocky’s flying dresses),
People to involve: Cocky & Theun, Rachel & Hiaz, Xinwei, Joel


  • Embodiment (aesthetic span between logic and sensuality)
  • Synaesthesia
  • Flow of experience
  • Transitions and transformations
  • Movement of verbs as opposed to symbolism of the nouns
  • Calvino’s 6 memos
  • Deceleration, slowness, immersion

Related: FoAM’s approach to experience design
People to involve: Time’s Up,,

Flux, Consciousness, Reality

  • Alternate states of consciousness and perceptions of reality
  • Ideological + sensory → ritual (shared social experience)
  • Journey towards rapture → ecstatic, mystical, peak experiences
  • Intersecting reality tunnels (RAW)
  • The essence of everything is relation
  • Irreal, Pataphysical
  • Cosmicomics

Related: Borrowed Scenery, Seasonal rituals…
People to involve: Xinwei, Satinder


  • Feasts, festivals, celebrations, dinner parties, rituals
  • Art=life: giving of gifts, artworlds, lived experience
  • Hosting: social spaces, facilitation, fortune-telling, hostess
  • Food: thematic feasts, social glue, conflict resolution, audience magnet
  • Hybrid reality: memories, rituals, commons

Related: Hosting Craft (and overall FoAM’s hosting culture, Open Sauces, F0amfr0th)
People to involve: Sia

Playful experience

  • From representation to performance: performing socially, emergence and disappearance
  • Audiences become players, agents and inhabitants’ co-creation
  • Play: polyphony, dialogue, improv, irreverence, plurality of voices, confusion and requiescence

Related: PARN, GroWorld games, P~lot
People to involve: Time’s Up, Alex Davies


  • Beyond functional technology (towards aesthetic and social technology)
  • Human scale systems
  • Media tangible and senses distributed
  • Hybrid reality: mixed reality between physical and digital
  • Conversational interaction
  • Human agency in a tech driven world
  • Systems as translators
  • Systems interaction as immune responses

Related: visual and tangible programming, fluxus…
People to involve: Yon, Joel


  • Human agency in the environment
  • Effects of human actions on the environment to be experienced on a human scale
  • Think globally act locally
  • Ecological thinking
  • Biomimicry (e.g. recycling motion into media)

Related: Luminous green, GroWorld
People to involve: Angelo (biomodd), Michka re: biomimicry?


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