an offshoot from the gZ(ig)Z(ag) project (an incarnation of zigzag™, to avoid a patent/trademark encumberance. (see gzz-dev for refs.)

seems like the cvs version is mouldy (as of july.2004). try arch or darcs

darcs get*/ where * is in {callgl,libvob,storm,alph,fenfire,depends}

darcs scripts

  % for d in alph callgl depends fenfire libvob navidoc storm; do ( cd "$d" && darcs pull ) done
  % for d in navidoc storm alph libvob fenfire; do ( cd "$d" && make java ) done
  % cd fenfire && make run_feed

NOTE: this following info is probably obsolete;

is definately not targeted at users yet (2003), and is even mess for prospective developers to get running…

so a few hints ;)

  • requires
  • CVS lines
    • cvs -d co x
    • cvs -d co x-depends
    • where x is storm, alph, libvob, loom and fenfire
  • storm, navidoc and alph use make, and need to be build in that order.
  • build fenfire with ant
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