~ 80 eggs of the Orange Roughy were secreted home.

In ther factory the ovaries of this fish are removed and packed for the asian market,

but when removed large numbers of eggs are spilled, These were arranged on a glass plate in the shape of a fish before photography.

The only thing that remains is the image, the art is ephemeral.

this is the start of thoughts about these eggs viability…

enjoying the wordplay/image play involved in this piece,

and also the fractalness,

the seedyness of it all fisheggfish potentially becomes multiple fish, with fisheggs, exponential increase. the ephemeral becomes the continual are their eggs viable? can we make this viablity visable through molecular techniques. Is there a continuum from dead to life, can we bring things back, rescue them? I wish to work on this interface, between live and dead, where the organism has died, but some cells still survive, in much the same way that cells from steak can be cultured, I want to see what life remains in fish after they are caught.


Tales from the flesh factory - the full text and pictures from my talk at Foam in June 2005. http://people.vee.net/brian/foam_talk_june/index.html

Brian Degger - 14 Jul 2005

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