On the agenda: “Re-Convening, weaving the threads over the summer together, designing and listening into next gentle steps”

Present: Rasa, Ingrid, Maja

Having already discussed what happened over the summer during our first non-studio-based Apero on the 16th of September, we collected the updates on the Libarynth and during the calls focused on the 'next steps'.

Online calls

Purpose: FoAM bxl team meetings - team updates, organisational issues, planning current and upcoming activities, feedback about past activities, conversations about resources & practicalities

  • collect agenda points before the meeting on slack
  • updates: before the meeting everyone writes a few notes about what they’re up to, collected on the updates page
  • notes from the calls can be collected on the calls page

Autumn calls:

  • October 24th at 10amCET
  • December 4th at 10amCET

Monthly Aperos

Purpose - keeping the kinship network alive, socialising, connecting with new people

  • At regular intervals: every third saturday of the month, foam people and other likeminded spirits
  • Spontaneous: whenever a FoAM member is in Brussels and would like to have a chat - send a message on slack and invite others to join you for a drink

Next Apero: Saturday 21st October at 16h in a bar on Place Rouppe (Ingrid to post info on Slack)

Research gatherings

(working title)

  • regular gatherings for in-depth conversations/peer learning about topics we’re currently investigating
  • people who

Next steps: Ingrid, Maja and Nik to meet for a try-out, and propose how this could work for a larger group of people

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