Present: Luea, Ingrid, Maja


  • Updates:
    • Individual updates from Luea (PhD) and Ingrid (DAS)
    • Updates FoAM bxl (see update_201710)
  • FoAM vzw as a legal entity now and in the future: Maja & Nik will keep doing the admin until the end of the year. After that we should assess if any member is planning to use the vzw structure for their activities. If not, we could consider making the vzw 'dormant', to lower the financial costs and admin overhead.
  • Communication logistics
    • slack seems to be working for most people. Q. should all FoAM bxl members be included (e.g. Barbara, Lies…)? A. We should ask them if they're interested. For us it's fine to expand the team to all FoAM members interested in being involved in one form or another.
    • Q: Should we keep the hosting mailing list? A: Yes, until the end of the year, then re-assess

Next call: 4th December

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