Focus: how do we want to work and collaborate together from now onwards? Present: Luea, Michka, Rasa, Ingrid, Maja


  • collective intention
  • trust
  • what needs to be acknowledged / healed
  • locality / localities

communication (online) = good practices for healing and trust - communication ground rules for being a collective without the space

New Rules:

  • Slack is the main communication tool (set up by Ingrid) with categories:
    • #fun
    • #practical

(and possibly also: #unknown, #linkz, #urgent reply)

  • Be committed to respond to emails on internal lists & slack when a reaction is requested. At least send a [*]
  • write in the #urgent reply slack channel or write “RESPOND” in the email subject line
  • we <3 Doodle
    • we set timeframes for closing a doodle
    • once a doodle is closed, it’s closed
    • we commit to a date, even if someone has to cancel
  • We will use ‘zoom’ on Luea’s account

Still questions:

  • calls: who takes care? Who coordinates? Who initiates?

updates & exchange (online & in real life) Rhythm: (starting in september) calls: every 6 weeks

  • As many people join as possible
  • Luea Doodles
  • These calls includes talks about resources & practicalities

Short live meetings: a monthly “strammtisch”

  • Everyone who is present in Brussels
  • Starting in september
  • Who Doodles or proposes date?

Retreat: Once a year preferably in the spring

  • For the active FoAM Bxl members
  • We check for a date in september

Documentation: Subwiki for inner circle Bxl as a knowledge repository Digital updates on practice —> see the procedures already in place within the FoAM network

collective practice

  • Workshops on topics we want to investigate further / workshops we want to give. These will be internal + open to external people for money.A wiki will be set up with requests & offers. Ingrid wants to organize.
  • Experiences for the FoAM Bxl inner circle (still to define what that will be and how it will be organized)

Our previously articulated interests & practices will find a place here as well:

  • Process facilitation for multistakeholder networks
  • Economic sustainability
  • Action Research
  • Why + How
  • Facilitation x Making for engineers
  • Integrative facilitation
  • Toolbox + peer learning environment
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