Voice of Nature: THE TRIAL FoAM in Brussels works with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia to co-create “The voice of nature” (Première February 2019).

Educational activities


Sinds 2011 FoAM Brussels in collaboration with and supported by MUS-E Belgium started a long term project under the theme of Art in the Kitchen (Kunst in de Keuken). Art in the Kitchen is an Art-in-School programme, where professional artists work around the topic of cooking, kitchen and food in connection to art and science. The habits of eating, the culture of food, the similarities and differences depending on cultural backgrounds are in the centre of attention. The kitchen and kitchen related objects and ingredients become a starting point for children to operate in a creative way, get to know each other and work together towards a delicious result. The multiple ways of collaborating, looking and listening at each others works opens different ways to perceive surroundings trough critical thinking yet it remains an affectionate and playful process.

The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness about food culture, taste the unexpected, look beyond the understandable and play with what you can find in the kitchen, fridge or vegetable lot of your garden. Combining various artistic practices it’s an involving way to explore creative possibilities, challenge your self and create eye satisfying works. Using food as an inspiration these workshops are a great way to discover new experiences.

This years trajectories will focus on the topic of “Celebrations” and multicultural and ritualistic aspects of it.

MOS (Milieuzorg op school)

Two playful afternoons with the leaders and guides of ECO schools network in Flanders to create a new vision for MOS projects future. We will be working on the question “How with the help of multiple tools of Eco schools project do we generate biotop for growth of integrated Eco Citizens?” (Hoe genereren wij met MOS een biotoop waar geïntegreerde ECO burgers kunnen groeien?)



Artistic Experiences with People with ASD

At this time I'm moving from theory to practice. This means i will be spending at least one day a week with autistic people in the meeting house of t'pASSt: helping out with household and overall organisation, observing and interviewing, guiding artistic ateliers. Next to that i'm working on the production of images for the exhibition that will take place in Geel in November.

In collaboration with t'pASSt we are thinkering about organising a number of discussions and activities for the Autism Awareness Month that falls every year in April. We are planning to have a try out of the small scale prototype activities in april 2019 and develop a bigger event in 2020. Partners interested in this project are the city library of Geel, two schools for non formal education, university of Leuven and others.

I'm also organising a number of walks in the framework of monthly meeting days for Autistic people, initiated by Welzijn en zorg network of Flanders.

Wayfarer, your footsteps are the road, and nothing more; Wayfarer, there is no road; the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind, one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wayfarer, there is no road – only waves upon the sea. by A.Machado


As a mid-career artist the chance to make documentation an integral part of my artistic practice is now a priority for my personal artistic development. MP3 recordings of concert premieres of completed compositions along with PDF draft scores which are to be completed as part of this personal development application. MP3 recordings of performances which do not yet have music scores but will be notated and printed (as written and A/V documents).


Advice centre

Assistance for dossier writing and mentoring

Ingrid is assisting a number of artist to write dossiers and applications for funding in Belgium.

Rasa is helping various artist to find their way in the Belgian art scenery and to analyse and structure their own work. Using different coaching, mentoring and facilitation techniques she is challenging creating process and inviting artists to look for most unexpected outcomes or to find the strongest possible and satisfying artistic path.


To conspire is to breath together, to harmonize, or to unite in a purpose. Because conspiracy implies thinking, talking, and imagining together, it is a particularly significant feature along the pathless journey of beauty. In the context of cultural change, breathing together describes the essence of communication between agents of change and the others. Walking the path of beauty, the role of a change agent is to trigger the imagination of others, turning hideous social activities into beautiful and sustainable practices, and the aesthetic appreciation of beauty into the experience of the sublime. Farouk Y. Seif


Oracle is an eyes-closed body-voice improvisation practice, created by Justine Maxelon, Michel Yang and Caroline Daish. This practice interacts with diverse surroundings through spontaneous sound and movement composition and expands the boundaries between individual emotional expressions and shared public, in a communal setting.
 The name Oracle was chosen as it bridges an expansive notion of voice and ineffability. The name, Oracle, encompasses agency, ambiguity, obscurity, divinity, communication, medium, utterance and wisdom. Each performer came to practice with own specific motivations and urgencies: spatial sound and empathy, care-art practices, performance in public spaces and a healing vocal practice for a lung disease. The aim of the practice to test and analyse it not only as a performance form but also as a multiple tool for creating communities and practitioners, applying it in different social context with a strong accent on care and sharing.

Often when performance touches on or explicitly shows a personal inner journey without trying to fit in an acceptable aesthetic frame, performers run a risk of being misunderstood, judged or dismissed. Care, self-care and sharing emotions often are ignored and transformed into artificial challenge, pretence acting and hiding behind the form. Is there a place and value for a performance practice expressing interiority in contemporary art culture?

Nelle Hens Ont-Moet and Nobody

Ont-Moet is a Dutch word game in which lays a fundamental shift: Ontmoeten means ‘to meet’. When you split the word in two, it becomes ‘not having to’.

How not to just show anything, but rather share the embodied. Nelle Hens is creating a platform to “offer” dance, to reach people and inspire self-reflection. The aim is to build a safe environment for surrender, to create a potential mystical experience of a moment. A meeting where you can meet, interconnect and become bigger than yourself.

Nobody is 1 on 1 ritualistic meeting in the hotel room. Two rooms, two members of public, two dancers. Each dancers shares “Ont-Moet” experience and “gives” dance to a person present. Not dancing “for” but letting to be observed, sharing uncomfortable silences, vocalising inner movement. From dancer to dancer, from body to the movement, from form to the collective energy.

Premier 16/09-17/09/2018 in C-TAKT, Belgium

Stav Yeini The Senders

Interdisciplinary installation that amplifies and extends the range of human senses and sensitivities “We wait in the future for your past to intersect our present and catalyse all existence to a new octave, the highest octave of being. It is our great pleasure to have your assistance in this process.” The pleiades.

Coming from dance and choreography Stav Yeini (P.A.R.T.S (BE)) is gradually rethinking performance by cultivating multi-sensorial spaces that allow and encourage the physical participation of the visitors. Starting from the visual layer in 'performative spaces' and as the work develops through time covering more and more senses and expressions such as visual art, sound, alchemy and technology.

Premier 23/04-27/04/2019 -STUK, Belgium


-we share FoAM vision, culture, ideology

-we deploy our strengths and talents to realise our vision using complementary approaches

-we keep things light and playful by choosing what has to be done and what's not (planning, production, communication, admin, documentation…)

-we fail and learn from it

-we have very limited time and money

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