various notes on this anthropological investigation may appear here from time to time. all revisions, alterations, and altercations welcome & desired. but bear in mind that most of these efforts will be directed towards mediating between the potentially unlimited possibilities of such a project, on the one hand, and the inherent limitations of the researcher, as well as the framework of an academic institution often possessing a high unit-K(1) [modified] value, on the other. nevertheless, such parameters could be seen as creative limitations, and therefore opportunities. yet even so, apologies must be made in advance for any misrepresentations in the following (the remedying of which being one of the main reasons for creating this page).

  • play
  • carnival & the carnivalesque
  • fools, tricksters, clowns, shamans
  • shamanism, trance, altered states (of consciousness, etc.)
  • performance, theatre, liminal space
  • computer/multi-mediated communication/being/becoming
  • metaphor/trope theory
  • “avant-garde” art movements, history of the avant-garde
  • alternate/sub/cultures/cults

a very short precis that will not even pretend to encompass the myriad tangents suggested by the somewhat similarly titled WhatIsFOAM.

…will be the document that i finally hand up to convince my department that this project is both anthropological and tangible.

yak yak… not at all as good as I wanted, but a grim, becloaked Deadline has surprised me unawares, is now madly pursuing me with his scythe, HACK HACK, slice

further, random iterations of research proposal 1 for any number of purposes & readers where necessary.

an equally random selection of references of possible interest & even use.

In homage to the unit-k measurement (which is duly misinterpreted above) I propose the contextularity coefficient-M, whereby a low value indicates a low context-dependence for comprehension (e.g. conversations about the weather) whereas a high value indicates a strong degree of context dependence (e.g. conversations about the kinds of phycobilins that are responsible for pigmentation in various divisions of Chrysophyta and Rhodophyta, respectively).

A giveaway to the letter M: think of sheep chases in relation to wind-up birds.

Alkan Chipperfield - 19 Jun 2003

twiki cruft…

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