All images get tagged FoAM no other tags have capital letters.
Multiple words are written as one: borrowedscenery

tags include:

Name of project:
borrowedscenery, boskoi, buringice, froesjels, groworld, germinationx, grig, jeruzalemtuin, lirec, luminousgreen, mediaecologies, missiontothemoon, openkitchen, opensauces, splinterfields, xmedk

Type of activity:
cocreation, craftnouveau, drawing, expedition, experiment, feraltrade, fieldtrip, foraging, futurediets, futurefood, game, herbology, improv, openlab, patabotany, performance, permaculture, playing, presentation, reenactment, retreat, seedballing, symposium, workingsession, worklab, workshop

Often also included:

  • names of places, organisations: linz, timesup, etc..
  • type of material, form: inflatable, plantcharacter, powerplant, responsiveenvironment, typography, etc..

If your looking for graphicdesign or food produced at FoAM:
foamgraphics, foamfood

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