getting started

  1. download & install the Brave browser from
  2. install the 'Temple wallet' from
  3. create a new wallet, choose a strong password, copy the 'seed phrase' somewhere safe
  4. you should now have an empty Tezos account
  5. copy the wallet id, which a long string beginning with “tz” (e.g. tz1St6VTnoHfddGKf1wsXqGs7aqzjCY1B49x)
  6. click on 'sync' in the top right and it should ask for a wallet to connect to
  7. select the “Temple - Tezos Wallet” and confirm
  8. you should now see your tezos address like “tz1eg…uQBb9” instead of “sync”
  9. click on ☰ menu and then 'manage assets' to see your currently empty profile page

getting some currency

  1. you will need some Tezos to 'mint' a new digital art thing (current cost is 0.08~ tez)
  2. you can try the fountain ⛲ or otherwise buy, earn, exchange them

mint an OBJKT

  1. click on ☰ menu and then 'OBJKT (mint)'
  2. add the relevant title, description, tags, editions, royalties, etc.
  3. upload the thing in any of the supported formats - bmp, gif, jpeg, png, svg, tiff, webp, mp4, ogv, quicktime, webm, glb, gltf, mp3, oga, pdf, html (zip archive)
  4. click 'preview' to see how it will appear
  5. if all looks good, click on the “mint x OBJKTs” (where x is the size of the edition)
  6. you should see a 'confirm' box, and will need to confirm the transaction from your wallet
  7. OBJKT(s) should now be minted and visible in your profile under 'creations'
  8. you can check the transaction via and your wallet address

set a price

  1. go to the OBJKT page (e.g. )
  2. click on 'swap'
  3. enter the number of OBJKTs you want to sell, and the price per OBJKT (e.g 1 item at 1 tez)
  4. click on 'swap it' and confirm the transaction (as above)

collecting OBJKTs

  1. go to the OBJKT page (e.g. )
  2. if it's available, there should be a “collect for x tez” link below the edition number
  3. click on the collect link and confirm the transaction (as above)

Destroying art

  1. go to the OBJKT page (e.g. )
  2. you can destroy your art as required, for whatever reason by clicking 'burn'

notes, warnings, etc

  1. it's still early days, so a few rough edges, sometimes transactions don't work, or give mysterious errors.
  2. you should be able to check transaction activity via to see if there are problems, delays, etc.
  3. if a transaction has the status 'backtracked' wait a bit and try again.
  4. The option to “Increase storage fee” in the Temple wallet can improve the speed of the transaction

some references

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