using the API


add new issues

(require 'web)
;; Add new tickets
;; id (required) - The ID of a project
;; title (required) - The title of an issue
;; description (optional) - The description of an issue
;; assignee_id (optional) - The ID of a user to assign issue
;; milestone_id (optional) - The ID of a milestone to assign issue
;; labels (optional) - Comma-separated label names for an issue
(defun new-issue (title description assignee_id labels)
  "NOTE: default project number is 23"
  (let ((query-data (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
	(auth "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"))
    (puthash 'private_token auth query-data)
    (puthash 'title title query-data)
    (puthash 'description description query-data)
    (puthash 'assignee_id assignee_id query-data)
    (puthash 'labels labels query-data)
     (lambda (cons header data)
       (message "data received is: %s" data))
     :url ""
     :data query-data)))
  • export tickets from trac using xls export →
    • (download, easy_install xlwt, python bdist_egg, etc+)
  • emacs for text mogrificaiton and auto slonking via csv
  • tweaking of individual issues in gitlab
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