one of the longest running projects in computing/software engineering is to find usefull tools to facilitate people working together over networks.

see Doug Engelbart and the Bootstrap Institute for some context

see Xanalogical Media for some of the problems/challenges

realtime based systems, for discussions + interaction in the same online 'place'

shared workspaces


  • cvs and other VersionControl systems
  • wiki-like-things
  • mindquarry (OsX, windows and GnuLinux comaptible document sharing) >

summaries and commentries

report on using groupware for scientific collaboration, with a very general approach


notes this should probably be padded out with a discussion on the pros + cons of all these methods (and more). see the tgarden notes + feedback

defunct, but interesting framework ISAAC

reasearch projects on multimodal information management

dialog mapping

a technique developed by to help manage problem solving and design meetings, and other sources of 'wicked problems'. involves the use of Issue Based Information Systems (IBIS).

and the related field of Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation (CSCA)

collaboration tools

knowledge mapping tools

Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) is a collection of software tools to present conceptual models of software systems in the form of diagrams, trees and tables. A conceptual model of a system is a structure used to represent the behavior or decomposition of the system. TCM is meant to be used for requirements engineering, i.e. the activity of specifying and maintaining requirements for desired systems, in which a number of techniques and heuristics for problem analysis, function refinement, behavior specification, and decomposition specification are used.

collaborative document editing on OsX with hydra > ( now subethaedit)

knowledge media design inst.

Collaborative Tools for Groups with “gloopy, gloppy, web2.0-ish names” »

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