Grow. Worlds. Grow your own. Your own worlds. Grow your own worlds. 

Engage with the world as with a garden. Cultivate patiently, observe and interact. Seed, tend, prune, graft, weed, harvest, compost, lay fallow. A garden isn't a static entity, but a vigorous, entangled ecosystem made up of the ever-changing relationships between plants, insects, rocks, soil, water, light, the gardener and their tools. Responding to external influences and internal pressures, each play a part in animating this tiny world among worlds. Whether you're a farmer, artist, engineer, administrator, caretaker, family, boat builder or politician, engaging with reality as a gardener becomes a creative negotiation between all involved.

At FoAM, we set conditions, build tools, and choreograph the processes that encourage things to grow. We 'grow our own', cultivating minds, environments, organisations, collaborative techniques and governance structures. We 'grow worlds' — immersive situations, participatory workshops, gameworlds, site-specific experiences and experiential scenarios. These worlds are situated in complex cultures and distinctive habitats, bound by physics and history, and populated with human and non-human characters.

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