Q: Where does the money come from?

RADMIN: In the small print on the raffle ticket, it states that this experiment is enabled by a sponsor who prefers to remain hidden.

Q: I have an administrative point to make. The ticket says the prize will be issued with no reporting or accounting conditions and the winner will be randomly pulled from a hat. But underneath in the smaller print - now I don't have my glasses - it says the prize will be handed over on receipt of an invoice. Which I would say is an accounting condition.

RADMIN: There is some ambiguity there. The distinction is that unlike most arts or business grants or awards, there are no reporting or accounting conditions placed on what you will do with the money if you win. There's still a transaction involved when the prize is issued.

Q: So that's more about accountability rather than accounting?

RADMIN: Yes that could be right.

Q: Are the stubs meant to be in the hat? Because I still have my ticket stub.


Q: What is the legal status of this raffle? Do we need use the Chatham House Rules, in that we might not want to talk about it outside of this room?As far as I know, in the UK you're not allowed to gamble without a license?

RADMIN: Under the Gambling Act 2005 it is legal to hold a raffle in the UK if the prize is under £20K. This raffle also qualifies as an incidental non-commercial lottery (with no license needed) so long as all tickets are sold at the event, and the organisers don't spend more than £100 of the raffle income on expenses. In our case the raffle takings were £32 (32 tickets sold at £1 each, all during RADMIN).

Q: I just wanted to double-check: if somebody can't be here because she's sick, is she disqualified?

RADMIN: The rules say you have to be here. The conditions for entry are that you have to be registered as a RADMIN delegation is to be here physically and stand up and deliver a 30-second maximum business experiment idea.

Q: The pitch isn't going to be judged?


Q: So you can say any old shit.

RADMIN: That's correct. Whatever you want to say in a room full of people who might then see you walk off with £2.5K.

Q: So can you represent someone else's project?

RADMIN: Under the rules no. There's a lot of people who were not able to be with us today, for various reasons, a lot of them in fact health-related. As an administrator of this festival, I would like to pass that on, that the wave of health-related incidents has been sobering, and I'm glad we thanked the NHS as a supporter in the budget. Anyway - do we want to crowdsource the answer to this one? It doesn't have to represent the final word but the rules do say you have to be here in person.

Q: Can I make a suggestion? Why don't you call her and say you will become a collaboration, then you can have a collaborative business experiment and you could present the idea on behalf of the group.

Q: Don't the rules say that you can't have 2 tickets per person?

RADMIN: That's not entirely true: it's one entry per RADMIN delegation. It's quite possible a person might belong to more than one organisation that is attending RADMIN.

Q: Can you represent the other people in your delegation?

RADMIN: Yes, that's what being a delegate is.

Q: So if your delegation wins, who invoices?

RADMIN: The delegation would invoice. You would invoice in the way you normally do, in some cases it would come rom an individual. You don't have to be incorporated, but if you are, the corporate entity would have to do the invoicing. Just to draw attention here to the RADMIN programme, which is made up of the 68 or so different delegation bios who are attending RADMIN. There's so many different shapes of delegation here - businesses, networks, charities, co-ops, self-employed individuals, people who formed an organisation specifically to come to RADMIN. We are welcoming that diversity of organisational forms. I should also add that this raffle is mediated or facilitated by the Institute of Experiments with Business (Ibex), which is also a RADMIN delegation, so its representatives are disqualified from entering the raffle as Ibex. However if they are part of another delegation they can still enter as that.

Q: Is the money taxable?

RADMIN: I think so. But there are a lot of variables. In the UK lottery winnings and gambling are exempt from tax. However this raffle is not a licensed lottery, it's not clear if it counts as gambling. There is not a lot of literature about cash raffles - and I would note that this raffle is a kind of inversion, normally raffles are there to raise cash, not disburse it. There are also ambiguities particular to the RADMIN context. For example in UK tax regulations, prizes are subject to tax if they're considered income generated by your business. For literary awards and prizes, HMRC says, 'the determining factor in considering whether or not such an award etc is taxable is the quality of the award in the hands of the recipient. If it comes to the individual as an incident in the exercise of his or her profession or vocation (including a subsidiary or part-time activity the profits from which are charged to Income Tax as the profits of a profession), it should normally be treated as a professional receipt and included in the computation of the taxable profits'. (HMRC Business Income Manual BIM50710) https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/business-income-manual/bim50710 So if you were to be awarded such a prize as a 'hobbyist' you might not have to pay tax. Does the fact that the quality of your raffle pitch is unrelated to your chance of winning exempt if from these conditions? It's unclear. At the same time,grants for artists are arguably not taxable if they are used to buy your time, not fund expenses, see https://www.artquest.org.uk/artlaw-article/do-i-have-to-pay-tax-on-the-award-or-grant-i-have-been-given. So there are multiple grey areas. We can possibly run such questions by the Cube's accountant. The prize money does not have any connection with the Cube, but he may be able to advise.

Q: Where will the money be paid from - is that anonymous?

RADMIN: If you win you will need to send an email to radmin@cubecinema.com and you will be instructed on who and how to invoice.

Q: Based on the other financial experiment that happened earlier in the festival - I realise time is limited but does anyone want to create any ground rules or a shared understanding for the person who receives the money? Do we want to have three bullet points on how they should spend it, or does everyone want to keep it completely open? I guess part of this question is acknowledging the responsibility of the person who receives it and how they might feel, as part of this community.

RADMIN: On behalf of the raffle-making entity I can only reconfirm that the rules state, the prize is issued without any reporting or accounting conditions.

Q: Can we blog about this?


Q: And the delegation that wins, do they have to do their business idea?

RADMIN: There are no reporting or accounting conditions, according to the rules.

RADMIN: We should also just explain, this is Hendo, who are artists who work at the Cube, do you want to just quickly explain what you're doing?

Hendo: It's a night where experimental work is done inside the Cube. This group is Hendo AV Bafflement Solutions - and this is the 30-second visual countdown you will have to present your business idea.

Q: Do you have a raffle ticket?

Hendo: Yes, as the Cube.

RADMIN: Shall we begin?

ALL: Yes!

RADMIN: So we'll go through in number order, bearing in mind we may have inaccurate records here of the ticket allocations. So correct me if I'm wrong… Number 1, FoAM!

Hendo: The countdown will start from 5 for the lead-in. Are you ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, go!

1. FoAM Miracle morning is an artist-run hospice: a funeral home and burial clinic for businesses suffering from terminal growth syndrome. We exist because their leaders need support in the process of death and transformation of their business as usual. We do this by designing rituals to sacrifice their businesses and support them through the mourning process of their growth addiction.

2. Port Eliot Festival For transparency, I'm representing my partner who couldn't be here because she's sick. Imagine yourself in a chamber, face to face with someone you are meeting for the first time. The invitation is to use this space to share a secret about yourself with the other person. As you journey into the exchange, the chamber you are in detects changes in your body - your skin temperature, sweat on your palms, your heart rate - and the structure adapts, through light and sound. The secret space project is an exploration into human connection. It's about how technology can improve our wellbeing [Hendo: 3, 2] and relationships [Hendo: 1!]

3. Amber Spark Conscious wedding planning toolbox. A kit that enables you to prepare a wedding that is not only eco-conscious but is an enriching and creative learning experience for all the people involved, for the community around you as well: a little festival of creation and love - it starts a few months before, when you have someone to teach you about love, in all its different aspects.

4. Gainsborough Wharf? 5. Port O'Bristol? Not here!

6. PlumbMaid PlumbMaid enterprises will take on artists and see them through any construction trade training, will fit them up with an experienced tradesperson to skill them up and gain professional level qualifications that they can take with them around the world to support their practices, and as part of the training you will be required to maintain a studio practice and engage with critical debate in whatever your practice is. Thankyou!

7. Cube Cinema In the Cube, there's a myth that each night costs £250 to run. So I propose that we do a 10 day festival of risk, which is programmed by someone who hasn't programmed anything before, a different person for each night, and responding to the idea of risk and reward.

8. Tandem This project is coming to a website or bookshelf near you: A beautifully illustrated guide for administrators titled: *The Administration of Think* Chapters include: 1. Typing and stereotyping 2. How to count minutes 3. The questionable existence of the untracked change 4. Frequently unanswered questions Order now, no guarantees. Thankyou

9. Incidental Unit Hendo: 2, 1 Go! The Incidental Unit would like to invite someone to work through the open brief format within Incidental Unit.

10. Starter Culture Starter Culture would like to find a woodland with the largest number of microbes, to build a log cabin impregnated with mycorrhizal fungi and to grow a large mushroom growing shack and invite everyone back there to make the largest loaf of sourdough ever.

11. Brave New Alps Hi. As part of a group called La Foresta, the forest or female foreigner, we would like to set up a local currency and use the money to print some money.

12. Businesses I'm at the beginning of setting up Bristol Tool Library, and I'd like to use two and a half grand to do that!

13. 3 Stages of Succession Alright so we have two ideas, one of which we have no intention whatsoever of doing which is if we win the money we will hire a high-powered consulting agency and charge them with the idea to give us a full long-term plan to end capitalism.

14. Rosalind Turner I'm Rosalind Jane Turner, I'm an interdisciplinary practitioner and social artist, I would use the two and a half thousand pounds to facilitate micro-workshops and curate micro-exhibitions exploring womens' spirituality through mixed media, film, ritual, voice and performance.

15. less-stuff So it's when you're very unsettled and you want to get a drink but you're feeling really furious: it's a bar full of really nasty bar people and it's all sticky and disgusting but the bar people are there to let you argue with them. And no matter how drunk and obnoxious and nasty you get, you will not get a hangover!

16. TOFU Institute of Misery Appointments - IMA in Japanese, a noun - it defines happiness as continuously avoiding misery at any moment in your life. A monthly paid mobile app, you pay in 2 or 3 quid every month and you get some support from all different places, keeping you away from misery.

17. Esther May Campbell I'm Esther - and I would put the money towards a programme I'm doing called Storyworks which is for women exploring stories - that are cultural, historical, personal - and to explore it with the remit to change those stories.

18. Drawing Exchange We're Drawing Exchange and recently experienced going on to Universal Credit, from Working Tax Credit. So this is an experimental subscription business to help artists who live on low incomes to deal with the complexities of recahing the basic income floor that you have to achieve - I don't fully understand it yet because I'm just recently on Universal Credit, but this is a way of enabling artists [Hendo: 4 seconds!] OK!

19. Francis Harvey My example might seem a bit selfish and unimaginative compared to the artists who you've heard so far but it does have an altruistic side-effect. I'm not representing any organisation, I'm just an individual. My idea just consists of de-cluttering my collection of books records and papers, however there is a philanthropic indirect effect of that which is that I pass things on to people and organisations who I think might make good use of them [Hendo 8 seconds!] - articles, books and magazines, videotapes to people who have VHS players, CDs to charity shops - that's it.

20. Richard Youngs I'm not going to dazzle you. I'm a musician. I need to do stuff. Some of this stuff costs money. I'd use the money to fund this stuff. Maybe if I won this raffle, I would be called to full administrative seriousness. Maybe not. I'll leave you hanging there…

21. Ad Hoc Collective Ad Hoc Collective! I've just become a member. Ad Hoc is a catering company and they - we! - would use this money to get some kits to continue to support activist groups and people working towards social change.

22. Network for Creative Enterprise I'm Tyrone, I'm representing the Network for Creative Enterprise which offers business support for creative individuals and small companies within the Bristol local area. It's a place where people can take their creative ideas to make them into an economically sustainable business. This money would help these people to realise their ideas.

23. Market Gallery We're Market Gallery, an artist-run arts space in Glasgow, run on a voluntary basis with a committee of five. Our idea is quite practical. Our current structure is becoming really unsustainable and we want to have a radical programme, but all our time is taken up with maintenance, admin, and we also have no time to programme because we're all working other jobs. We want to use the money to pay ourselves for five weeks and focus the dedicated time to use our current funding to make a truly radical programme.

24. Newbridge Gallery Daniel Russell here. If lucky enough to win the money, I will organise the first non-artist in residence at the Newbridge project in Newcastle. The first part of a plan to have an alternative art school whose contributors are all radicals from non-art disciplines. This concludes my presentation.

25. Bristol Co-operative Gym We're Bristol Co-operative Gym, we're the first co-op gym and if we get this money we're going to save it! Try and be a bit more resilient, with some reserves - that's it.

26. BuCH 97 Looe street is the home of the base of Bureau for Contemporary and Historic. It's got a gallery space, it's got workshop space and we want to be able to invite a million Susan's, refuseniks from institutes, creative and non-creative people to be able to come there and do and show their work.

28. Conway and Young Now Jessy's at the top of the property ladder, we want to experiment with setting up a temporary live-in design studio based in Bristol where all studio members would direct their paid working hours to researching and designing actions addressing a lack of affordable housing in this city.

29. General Performances I'm undecided. I'm working on an Unlearning Centre in Switzerland and I want to use a grand for up to three people, for you guys, if you're interested, you could come and unlearn something that you decide to unlearn. If you are not interested I would put it into a project called farmers without borders, which is an indoor agriculture with migrants and unemployed people doing experiments with plants.

36. Interval A queer beauty salon offering body positive treatments for all genders and body types, and creating spaces for people to explore their body image. The emphasis is now the client feels in their own body and giving them what they want, rather than making anyone look a standard way. We would offer beauty treatments eg. eyebrows, eyelashes, waxing, facials, skill-sharing workshops for people to learn to do treatments on their own bodies and one-on-one performances for arts spaces.

37. 20th Century Flicks 20th Century Flicks has two private hire cinemas which always have to be for private events. What I propose to do with the money to run a public programme with free entry, we'd put breakfast on and it would be for early morning movies for people who might need a bit of company without any conversation.

38. Rabbits Road Press I'm from Rabbit's Road Press, we're an open access risograph printing press in East London and what we'd do with the money is buy another risograph but purely for activist printed matter - you don't have to be an activist to print but the machine would be an activist in its own right.

39. Display Distribute Because we just decided to enter this raffle, our collective is in Hong Kong and I haven't had time to gain consensus on what our proposal would be from my collaborators who are probably asleep. I was going to use this opportunity to issue an apology and a contingency plan for the bamboo shoots that I lost, that were in transit for Feral Trade and are probably in a bus depot somewhere between London and Bristol and say that I would use the money to allocating the resources to find the bamboo shoots.

45. Minipogon Minipogon - you all know what Minipogon is about, we are basically doing a plastic business in a refugee camp. So thinking about what we would like to do in Minipogon, the first idea we came to is that we would really like to convert water into wine, but then it came out it's not so original so thinking back to plastic, we would like to convert plastic into gasoline. And we're going to do it!

RADMIN: Anyone who has a ticket who wasn't on the list? … OK then time to do the draw. Is there anyone here who is not in the raffle? First one to the front of the auditorium does the draw.

Human drumroll….…….

RADMIN Number 39. Display Distribute!

[the End]

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