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  • Buitink Technologie ( NL)-specialized in advanced light weight structures like (inflatable) work tents and air shelters, tensioned membrane structures, therapeutic cattle baths, inflatable operating tables, mobile fluid-tight floors, ETFE foil air-cushion roofs and inflatable products pics at the non categorized inflatables
  • Airlight- Switserland. Specialized in Lightweight and large span: Tensairity. Tensairity allows the construction of very light roof structures with extremely long span. The load bearing capacity of Tensairity is so high that with a pressure of 200 mbar it is already possible to build temporary bridges even suitable for heavy transports. Compared with traditional airbeams, Tensairity needs just 1% of air pressure. With such low pressure, air losses are easily compensated. floating structures, sport equipment, airships and even aerospace applications are possible. pics at the non categorized inflatables
  • Festo - Are we ready to live like modern nomads, with ultra-advanced homes that pack up and travel with us wherever we go? For towns that spring up and vanish when they are no longer needed, or spacecraft that could be any shape you wanted. Festo builds working prototypes that are among the most advanced in the world - pics at lighter than air- the non categorized inflatables
  • Inflate - Design and Manufacture of Inflatable Structures and Architecture.
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