"Interactive Programming Environments"
  D.R. Barstow, H.E. Shrobe, E. Sandewall
  McGraw-Hill, 1984
  ISBN 0-07-003885-6
  610 pages



1 Perspective on Interactive Programming Environments

  1  Breaking the Complexity Barrier (Again)
     T. Winograd
  2  Power Tools for Programmers
     B.A. Sheil
  3  Programming in an Interactive Environment: The Lisp Experience
     E. Sandewall

2 Modern Interactive Programming Environments

  4  The Interlisp Programming Environment
     W. Teitelman, L. Masinter
  5  The Cornell Program Synthesizer: A Syntax-Directed Programming
     T. Teitelbaum, T. Reps
  6  An Interactive Programming System for Pascal
     J. Wilander
  7  Programming Environments Based on Structured Editors: The MENTOR
     V. Donzeau-Gouge, G. Huet, G. Kahn
  8  The Influence of an Object-Oriented Language on the Programming
     A. Goldberg
  9  The UNIX Programming Environment
     B.W. Kernighan, J.R. Mashey
  10 A System for Program Refinement
     T. Cheatham, J. Townley, G. Holloway

3 Aspects of Interactive Programming Environments

  11 User Engineering Principles for Interactive Systems
     W.J. Hansen
  12 Automated Programming: The Programmer's Assistant
     W. Teitelman
  13 A Display-Oriented Programmer's Assistant
     W. Teitelman
  14 A Display-Oriented Editor for Interlisp
     D.R Barstow
  15 EMACS: The Extensible, Customizable, Self-Documenting Display Editor
     R.M. Stallman
  16 The LISP Machine
     R.D. Greenblatt, T.F. Knight Jr., J. Holloway, D.A. Moon, D.L. Weinreb
  17 UNIX Time-sharing System: The Programmer's Workbench
     T.A. Dolotta, R.C. Height, J.R. Mashey
  18 Software Tools in the User Software Engineering Environment
     A.I. Wasserman
  19 A Layered Approach to Software Design
     I.P. Goldstein, D.G. Bobrow
  20 Why Programming Environments Need Dynamic Data Types
     J.W. Goodwin
  21 Software Architecture Based on Communicating Residential Environments
     E. Sandewall, C. Stromberg, H. Sorensen

4 Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Programming Environments

  22 Initial Report on a Lisp Programmer's Apprentice
     C. Rich, H.E. Shrobe
  23 The Programmer's Apprentice: Knowledge-Based Program Editing
     R.C. Waters
  24 The Refinement Paradigm: The Interaction of Coding and Efficiency
     Knowledge in Program Synthesis
     E. Kant

5 The Future of Interactive Programming Environments

  25 Beyond Programming Languages
     T. Winograd
  26 Rationale for Stoneman
     J.N. Buxton
  27 The Spice Project
     S.E. Fahlman, S.P. Harbison
  28 From Interactive to Intelligent Programming Environments
     D.R. Barstow, H.E. Shrobe
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