If you are interested in getting involved with FoAM, you can reach us through our website http://fo.am.


This page contains historic information about getting involved with FoAM bxl in the period of 2006-2016.

  • Do FoAM's themes, methods or inspirations resonate with you & you'd like to share your own approaches, thoughts or projects? You could present at one of our Bite Size Lectures or Symposia.
  • Do you have a research idea or project in progress that could benefit from a discussion with people from different disciplines and cultures? You could join the conversations at a Research Gathering or the Long Now Meetup.
  • Are you motivated to learn new transdisciplinary techniques, be inspired and challenged by your peers, need a few days to take a break from your busy daily life, while improving your skills, expanding your knowledge, meeting interesting people and be open to surprises? You could join one of our participatory workshops (e.g Luminous Green, or Splinterfields)
  • Are you looking for a place to work on some concentrated creative research, supported by a network of generalists? You could apply for a short or long Residency at FoAM.
  • Are you an enthusiastic student looking for an internship? Become a FoAM apprentice.
  • Do you find FoAM's research questions interesting and have skills to contribute? Or, do you have a research idea or project of your own that is dealing with similar issues? Let's have a chat to see how we could share our skills or knowledge, or become involved in each other's

research initiatives.

  • Are you a good communicator and are curious about FoAM? You can help us spread the word - through any communication techniques and media available.
  • Are you an insightful photographer, videographer, visualiser or illustrator and would like to participate in FoAM's events and workshops? You could help us document our activities and visualise our publications.
  • Do you enjoy pushing software to its limits and seeing where it cracks? We invite you to challenge us and hack our codeā€¦
  • Do you enjoy collecting and sharing curious facts, stories and other tangents? Please contribute to the Lybarinth, FoAM's growing online

source of inspiration & confusion, a jungle of articles, poems and references for all tastes and ages, to tantalise our curiosity and keep us aware of how much we don't know (http://lib.fo.am)

  • Do you enjoy turning convoluted ideas into elegant designs and are curious about becoming engaged in prototyping possible futures? You

could get involved in a wide range of FoAM's experiments.

  • Are you a resourceful entrepreneur? We would be interested in exploring possible FoAM spin-offs.
  • Do you have a passion for structuring, filing & organising administrative data & procedures? You could help us with our business administration.
  • Are you a generalist seeking advice about initiating and developing transdisciplinary projects, emerging technologies, urban gardening, new materials, food & cooking, or any other issues that FoAM is working on? Contact our Advice Centre for an appointment with one of our collaborators, for an online or on-site conversation.
  • Have you often heard that you are not fulfilling your potential? Make an appointment with FoAM's Coach, who could help you with your business development, interpersonal skills, or a range of other issues.
  • Do you need a space to read a book, or browse through media and materials? You could make an appointment to spend some time in the FoAM

Library in Brussels.

  • Are you curious about the people behind FoAM? Come and have an informal drink with us every Friday afternoon from 17:00 - 20:00.
  • Are you a good cook, or a passionate gourmand? You could become a member of the Open Sauces Cooking Club.
  • Are you enthusiastic about FoAM's work, but none of the above applies to you? Feel free to drop us an email and let's have a chat about other ways in which you could get involved.
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