Panel: Scale Time Complexity

at isea2012

Digital Earth meeting: three main themes

  • Collaboration: multidisciplinary models from physical and social sciences.
  • Accessibility: understandable and usable for all.
  • Participation: sensors, social networks and citizen science.
Work discussed:
  • Square kilometer array: linking cosmic time, computational and network time, human time scales. Investigating indigenous cosmologies.
  • Canopy project, the canopyproject.wordpress by Andrew Denton shows a video of endangered forest-ecologies all over the world; looking up into the canopy. The artist as a recorder of disappearing landscapes. How to engage with something as vast and long time thing as an ecosystem. We seem to be good at focussing on details and soundbites. How do you engage with a ecosystem crises in which crop rotation cycles are in the order of three human generations.
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