The Touch: Isolation project is one of the best things to emerge from lockdown.  The project began as a means of providing income to furloughed musicians, but quickly developed into a real-time reflection on the COVID-19 crisis.  The first phase is now complete, with 28 tracks representing 3 hours and 28 minutes of field recordings and music.  Most pieces contain a bit of commentary, and Jon Wozencroft‘s photography deserves to be in a chapbook of its own.  When the crisis is over, we’d love to see a boxed set, and knowing Touch’s attention to design, such a thing may indeed take place.

Between 17th March 2020 and 17th May 2020 we found ourselves in isolation within the extended cityscape of Singapore. As inhabitants of what become known as “The Circuit Breaker” we watched and listened... “From that historically brief quite opaque moment, came the chaos of our material history, an anarchy of chronology, of mismatched remnants…”

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