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Joseph Merrick a topologically challenged Londoner (5 August 1862 -> 11 April 1890)



Prosthetic Costume

My mask.


Right arm + my right arm.


early stage of prosthetic suit (back) which is worn beneath the clothes.


front of prosthetic suit in an early phase.


Merrick experimenting with a membrane.


  • Original plan was to visit London as Merrick, to see the stone from Solomons temple at St. Paul's.
  • Also to stage a sideshow, where the general public is cofronted with Merrick reading and studying.
  • Video-film-scene with Merrick constructing some objects.


  • Merrick as a living fractal.
  • The face and mask related to the sculptural principles of object and cast.
  • (Church) models or miniatures and how we relate to them.
  • The architecture of Churches as symbols of the Body of Christ.
  • The principles of facial recognition and the impossibility of remembering

Merrick's face in detail.

  • The dominance of geometric tools in physics
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